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Carpenter utilizes the SAVEWAY system on two vacuum induction furnaces. The first system was installed in 1996 on a conventional single chamber 15-ton furnace while the second system was installed as part of a 20-ton VIDP furnace that was commissioned in March of 1997. Both of these furnaces utilize a refractory working lining of MgO brick with a dry vibratable MgO backup lining. Grades melted in the furnaces include super alloys for critical rotating part applications, premium stainless steels, bearing steels, and electronic and magnetic alloys.

Distinct advantages we have observed with the SAVEWAY system are:

  1. Elimination of metal damage to the induction coils due to early detection of metal penetration through the refractory lining.
  2. Identification of problem regions in refractory linings that help to improve lining construction techniques.
  3. The impact of raw material charging practices on refractory lining life can now be evaluated.
  4. The impact of various refining practices on refractory lining life can be determined which allow improved melting practices to be developed.
  5. Maximum refractory lining life can now be obtained without any risk to induction coil components.
  6. Moisture elimination from the refractory lining at the beginning of the campaign can now be clearly determined.
  7. Production operations can be managed much more efficiently since the completion of melting campaigns can now be estimated based upon SAVEWAY system data.

Yours sincerely,

Dwight D. Wegman

Area Manager – VIM Process Technology


(Translation of the German original)