Valmet Technologies Oy

The main reason that the SAVEWAY system was installed in 1996 was to increase the number of heats from one lining. Before installing the system we were only able to achieve 25 heats for safety reasons. Now that the SAVEWAY system has been installed we achieve between 60 and 70 heats with every lining at a melt temperature of 1650 °C to 1770 °C.

Before installing the SAVEWAY system a ground leak detection system was used but this system did not continuously monitor lining wear. The GLD system warned of damage much later than the SAVEWAY system. The SAVEWAY system has prevented water access to melted metal on two occasions.

Our experience shows that the SAVEWAY system is reliable and that every alarm has indicated the correct location of the fault.

We were also able to increase production as a direct result of introducing the system. The system also benefits is not requiring extensive training or highly skilled operators.

We would install a SAVEWAY system in any new furnace.

Jukka Hietanen