In summer 1993 VAC Hanau installed a SAVEWAY system on a 4-ton vacuum induction furnace (VIM) for the first time. The main reason for that decision was the fact that there was a potential risk of explosions and serious injuries to employees caused by run outs. Our experiences proved that only the SAVEWAY system provides appropriate and reliable safety concerning run outs.

In addition only the SAVEWAY system offers the following advantages:

  1. Elimination of damage to the furnace plant & equipment
  2. Improving lining life in a range between 10 – 20% depending on the melted alloys
  3. During the sintering process the elimination of moisture can be clearly determined
  4. Trials for new dry ramming materials and prefabricated crucibles can be accomplished without any risk

Due to these positive experiences and our safety philosophy, all our furnaces have been equipped with a SAVEWAY system. This includes VIM, VID and open induction furnaces with a melting capacity between 0.2 and 6.0-ton. Consequently, we currently have 11 SAVEWAY systems in operation.

Regarding the structure of the furnace lining we either use a spinel forming dry ramming mix or a ceramic prefabricated crucible. The grades melted include mostly NI, Fe, Co and Cr as alloys used for different applications in a wide spectrum of products.

Since 1993 when a SAVEWAY system was applied to a vacuum furnace for the first time in history, the relationship between us VAC and Saveway is absolutely positive. Solutions to technical questions are solved jointly and in a very proficient and prompt manner.

Yours sincerely,

Dipl.-Ing. Timm Scheidig

Manager Technical Investment


(Translation of the German original)