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(Now: Outokumpu VDM GmbH)

We have been operating a SAVEWAY monitoring system since July 1993 at a 16-t-medium frequency induction furnace. This furnace has a basic brick lining and is used  for the production of a very wide range of alloys based on Ni or Co and of stainless goods. Our alloy production program, the interrupted operation over the weekend as well as the use of often very big pieces of scrap put the furnace under great stress. In the past this repeatedly caused metal run outs. They are reliable avoided since the SAVEWAY system has been introduced. Besides this it is possible for us for the first time to quantify the wear of a refractory lining and with that to reduce it. Lifetime of the furnace has nearly doubled. This system has proved to be very useful for us; therefore we equipped another 16-t furnace with the SAVEWAY system at the beginning of August 1995.


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