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Our company produces high-alloy stainless steel abrasives and special granules. Therefore we are using two identical medium frequency furnaces, each with a melting capacity of 6 tons.

Both furnaces are lined with spinel-forming dry ramming mixes and operated at the same time (tandem processing). The operation is irregular because of production reasons. This involves temperature changes, which strongly influence the service life of the furnace lining.

In 2012 we installed the SAVEWAY system for measuring the remaining lining thickness in both furnaces. The reason for the installation was to objectively evaluate the influences of the furnace operating characteristics and other production parameters on the lining life. Because of the safety the system provides, we extensively tested different refractory materials and analyzed the influence of all production parameters.

We reached double the previous lining life by optimization of the furnace operating characteristics and the production process.

Based on the history data displayed by the SAVEWAY system, we have the ability to predict the end of a lining campaign more exactly. Now we are able to prevent production losses by avoiding unscheduled relinings.

The measurement of the remaining lining thickness enables our furnace operators to assess the lining objectively. They do not have only to follow their gut feeling anymore.

Best regards

Stanko Zovak


(Translation of the German original)