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Our company started working with SAVEWAY in 1994. We are currently using a III. Generation SAVEWAY system as a monitoring device and we are totally pleased with the performance.

We are operating two 6t MF induction furnaces for melting and two 6-t induction furnaces for pouring steel at tapping temperatures of 1650 °C. The initiation for utilizing a SAVEWAY system was primarily to increase safety in our melting shop. In addition we significantly increased the lining life of our crucibles by using the information regarding the lining wear profile in the refractory material provided by the SAVEWAY system. Lining life in our crucibles using a silica-based refractory was extended up to 100 %, where lining life of a crucible using neutral refractory material was extended to approximately 250%.

Together with Saveway we successful developed a technique to monitor the bottom of our furnaces.

Hence, our induction furnaces are entirely safe in regard of lining wear monitoring. It has to be mentioned, that the remote diagnostic via modem has been very useful for us. This tool, which is a feature of the computerized system, makes it possible to discuss critical wear indications with the experienced people of Saveway immediately.

The entire service team of Saveway is always there with reliable and sophisticated answers in case we need their help.

The SAVEWAY system has been very useful equipment for our company. We definitely are going to use the SAVEWAY system for new induction furnaces in the future.

Yours sincerely,

S. Kulka


(Translation of the German original)