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Currently we are operating two 1-t-medium frequency coreless induction furnaces for melting Ferroalloys used for manufacturing piston rings for the automotive industry.

The SAVEWAY system was installed on both furnaces in 1996 and 1997, after a heavy metal run through which was accompanied by serious injury of an operator. With those installations we made sure that such accidents never happened again! Furthermore we now fulfill working on the demands of the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and the industrial insurance companies regarding increasing the operational safety. Based on our experience, proof can be given that only the SAVEWAY system ensures that high safety standard.

After a short learning cycle, we put our full trust into the trustworthiness and accuracy of the continuous measurements of the remaining lining thickness. All indications on the system were right! Influences of the furnace operation (handling), the lining technology and the quality of the refractory lining to the service life became transparent.

Based on the objective measurement of the remaining lining thickness we were able to increase the number of heats from 170 to 250. The number of re-linings became drastically reduced and the lining changes became predictable by using the history display of the system. That ensures the avoidance of unnecessary lining tear downs as well as relining during busy production cycles of the plant.

We became confident in the trustworthiness of the SAVEWAY system and would never like missing that safety. In the year 2006 we invested in a replacement of one of the furnaces. Subsequently, the technically upgraded generation of SAVEWAY measuring system was installed.


i.A. Chr. Sohm                     i.V. W. Geser

Department Manager       Process Manager

Iron Casting                        Piston Ring Production


(Translation of the German original)