After a serious injury of an operator by metal run out, the SAVEWAY system was gradually installed on all of our eight coreless induction furnaces of our plant KSB AG in Pegnitz, starting in the year 2003. The furnace sizes are between 650 kg and 6 t. During a two or three shift operation we melt grey and ductile iron, various steel alloys as well as bronze in the furnaces. The iron alloys are melted in silica lined main frequency furnaces whereas the steel alloys are melted in medium frequency furnaces lined with alumina.

The installation of the SAVEWAY system absolutely ensures that an accident like that mentioned above will never happen again. An optimal and risk free operation of the furnaces is guaranteed. The efficient use of refractory lining is ensured as well as a true prediction of the relining, and the optimization of startup parameters after relining and furnace shut downs. As a consequence of those facts, unplanned production shut downs created by the atypical wear of the lining became minimized, and a continuously ongoing casting process is ensured. A big advantage of the system is the monitoring of the dry out of a new lining. This opportunity guarantees us safety during the start up procedure.

The wear history recorded by the SAVEWAY system allows conclusions regarding the quality of the refractory material, properly done lining work as well as the influence of the furnace operation to the lining life.

For our staff, the SAVEWAY technique is a basic prerequisite for operating a furnace.

Easy and clearly arranged screens on the system signal critical situations to the operational staff. Furthermore, the provided automatic power switch-off of the furnace ensures the quickest protection of human power and plant equipment in case of critical wear. Every check of the displayed wear by manual lining tear down confirmed the accuracy of the system. The SAVEWAY technique has helped us several times to avoid coil damages and heavy accidents. The service team of the Saveway Company provides competent and qualified answers for our questions at any time.

We are convinced of the reliability of the SAVEWAY technology and wouldn’t like to miss the safety provided in our everyday work routine.


Yours sincerely,

Ulf Knobloch

Manager of Melting and Casting Department


(Translation of the German original)