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With the purchase of a vacuum induction furnace from the company Intego in 1998, the SAVEWAY system was installed into two furnace shells with a capacity of 3.5 t and 7 t.

The main reason for this decision was the massive increase of safety and reliability as well as the targeted optimization of crucible lining life. Stainless steel and nickel-based alloys are currently melted in two different lined furnace shells (2 x 7t). In one Shell we use a working lining of MgO-bricks with MgO backup ramming; in the second we use a spinel-forming dry ramming material.

By means of the recorded wear data we are able to assess the quality of the refractory material objectively.We also can evaluate the proper relining and the right operation of the furnace more accurately. The monitoring of the dry out during the sinter heat and also the possibility of detection of coil leakages brings enormous benefits to our plant safety.

Since we use the SAVEWAY system, we haven’t had any accidents or failures due to undetected metal penetrations. All indications were accurate and reliable.

Impressed by the new features and capabilities, we invested in the latest generation of devices in 2011 and replaced the existing SAVEWAY system after 13 years.

Saveway is a competent partner for us, when it comes to safety for our staff and plant equipment. We especially appreciate the fast and uncomplicated service that we can engage at any time. We look forward to a continued good co-operation.

Dr. Andreas Weise


(Translation of the German original)