Böhler Thyssen Schweisstechnik boehlerthyssen
Deutschland Gmbh

(Now: Böhler Schweisstechnik Deutschland GmbH)

In our plant located in Düsseldorf we are using two medium frequency airmelt coreless induction furnaces. The melting capacity is 250kg and 300kg. The Ni base, Co base and Fe base alloys we melt, are used for welding additives. We decided to install the SAVEWAY system in 2006 after several instances of molten metal damage to our furnaces, accompanied by losses of production.

Since using the SAVEWAY system, metal run troughs have been completely avoided. The system always correctly monitors critical melt approach towards the coil, including one time up to the surface of the coil grout. That established our trust in the technique. By measuring the remaining lining thickness and optimization of the lining technology we increased the number of melts from formerly 120 heats to approx. 200 heats per lining.

The end of the lining campaign is now predictable based on the measurements of the SAVEWAY system and the recorded wear data. Unnecessary tear downs of lining and lining work during busy production times are avoided.

The positive experience is also based on the good cooperation between Saveway and us. The team at Saveway always provides qualified and reliable service to solve critical and, for us, unknown situations on the furnace.


Best Regards

Dr. Jürgen Unruh

Plant Managment


(Translation of the German original)