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(Now: Sachsen Guss GmbH)

As there had been frequent unpredictable faults between the coil and shunts on our 8t coreless induction furnaces, we decided to install the SAVESEARCH shunt monitoring system at the beginning of 2009. This provides us with a continuous measurement, and an early localization of developing insulation faults, for every single shunt.

The search for ground faults on a coreless induction furnace is difficult and time consuming. We are using 8t, 8MW medium frequency furnaces, built by Otto Junker Company, to melt cast irons. In worst cases we needed about 8 hours for a visual inspection of the shunts. For a long time we had been interested in finding a technical solution for monitoring the quality of the shunt insulation.

The SAVESEARCH continuous monitoring system provides us the ability to identify developing fault and make corrective actions. All indications of the system have been accurate. For example a cooling water leakage on the top castable segment was detected and localized immediately, and production losses were avoided. A coil leakage was indicated another time.

It is easy to install the measuring sensors. The standard shunt insulation is replaced by insulation with integrated sensors for insulation measurement, which are then connected to the measurement system. Since the quality of the shunt insulation is measured and recorded continuously, it becomes possible to carry out preventive maintenance.

The availability of our coreless induction furnaces was clearly increased by the SAVESEARCH system. The time necessary to search for ground leakages was minimized and production losses have been avoided.

We especially want to mention the well designed graphic interface of the SAVESEARCH system, as well as the excellent customer service and co-operation with the Saveway Company.

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i. V. Helmar Bauch             i. V. Mathias Gaag
Manager Production         Manager Melting Shop


(Translation of the German original)