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(now: voestalpine BÖHLER Edelstahl GmbH & Co KG)

Since 2003 we have been using the Saveway system successfully on our 8-ton, 14-ton and 17-ton vacuum induction furnaces.  As the only safety monitoring technology which measures the remaining lining thickness between the approaching melt and coil grout, the SAVEWAY® system constantly and accurately determines the remaining refractory lining thickness.  This gives us the opportunity to use the maximum life of the refractory effectively and risk-free.

Besides visual wear like erosion and molten leaks, hidden wear conditions like dangerous metal fins and defects in the lining are reliably detected.

In 2009 and 2012 the original SAVEWAY® Systems were upgraded to the latest generation of equipment, and another induction furnace was equipped with the SAVEWAY® System.

Due to our success with the system, we requested that Saveway solve our problem of “detecting cooling water leaks on an electric arc furnace”.
In 2007 we installed the SAVEDRY® system. Together with Saveway we customized it for our purposes. It constantly analyzes and displays the moisture content of the refractory lining. The electric arc furnace was equipped with the latest generation of SAVEDRY® sensors in 2015.

Thanks to our close partnership with Saveway we have achieved a high degree of safety in our melting equipment.

We can count on the Saveway measuring equipment and the personal service of the Saveway team any time.

BÖHLER Edelstahl GmbH & Co KG

Division manager steelworks-

DI Dr. Hans-Peter Fauland


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