ThyssenKrupp VDM USA, Inc.vdm-thyssenkrupp

(Now: Outokumpu VDM USA, LLC)

SAVEWAY was installed after a run-out that caused extensive damage to our VIM furnace. We had also experience a few less damaging run-outs prior to installing SAVEWAY. Faced with the cost of downtime and equipment repairs, we consulted with our sister facilities in Germany, who had already successfully been utilizing SAVEWAY since 1993. Our intent was to create a safer working environment and, at the same time, maintain furnace uptime by better predicting refractory wear.

Thyssen Krup VDM USA has not experienced any molten metal run-outs or contact with the induction coil since the inception of this system. After the initial learning and adjustment cycle, we trust SAVEWAY´s accuracy and the company´s commitment to service. During the initial start up, SAVEWAY worked with our OSHA advisor to create a plan that allowed us to take their advice, backed up with confirming emails, to handle any critical warnings. Along the way we were able to use the knowledge gained to improve our grouting, re-lining and drying practices.

SAVEWAY provides the level of operational safety we demand and we will not operate the furnace without it.

Steve Chapman