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We have been using the Saveway system successfully on our 4t coreless induction furnace since 1993.

The vacuum induction furnace is used for the production of super alloys, i.e. alloys based on Ni and Co. These are then used for the manufacturing of aircraft turbine blades and blades for stationary gas turbines by lost-wax moulding.

Since using the SAVEWAY system there have not been any coil damages or metal run outs caused by undetected penetration of melt. We have increased the life of the coreless induction furnace linings on average from 18 to 25 heats. That is an increase of about 38 %.

Besides the easy handling of the SAVEWAY system we especially want to mention the excellent cooperation with the Saveway Company. The service team provides quick and competent help.

The handling of the refractory lining, which is the main wear component, became easier and it is possible to predict when to reline. The operation safety was increased considerably.

As part of the continuous improvement process and operational safety any potential source of failure has to be identified and eliminated. Therefore SAVESEARCH, a system for monitoring the shunts, was installed. The SAVESEARCH system localizes developing insulation faults and makes them visible to us. Quick and accurate repair of insulation faults can be carried out. Thus it becomes possible to guarantee preventive maintenance and to optimize the service life of the coil and shunt system. The SAVESEARCH system eliminated sending out the furnace box for expensive insulation inspections. Those checks are now done automatically and continuously. By using SAVEWAY and SAVESEARCH it is now possible to identify the source and the location of ground faults.

Dr. –Ing. Roman Ritzenhoff

Department leader Vacuum Melting


(Translation of the German original)