Eckart GmbH & Co. KG, Wackersdorfeckart

In our company we produce metal powder of aluminum, copper, zinc and brass by using an atomization process.

For reasons of operation reliability and safety one crucible inductor is monitored by measurement technique of Saveway GmbH & Co. KG since June 2007, a second one since April 2009.

At both identically built crucible inductors the remaining wall thickness of the lining is measured by the SAVEWAY system. The bottom areas are also monitored by two SAVELINE sensors.

The built in standard ground leakage systemin is not used (switched off) because it doesn’t offer comparable reliability and safety compared to the SAVEWAY system.

In August 2011 deep erosion of the refractory at the lower wall area was displayed reliably by the SAVEWAY system. So we could avoid coil damage and the related high costs.

The good co-operation with the Saveway service team should be underlined, at any time they are available for help and answering our questions.

Best regards

Manfred Pleier

Production engineer


(Translation of the German original)